First assessment

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1 Originalità del Progetto e suo contributo al progresso delle conoscenze scientifiche  10 eccellente
Along all three major dimensions of this proposal (structural proof theory, computations of fixed complexity, and the semantics of both proofs and programming languages), I find myself excited by this
proposal and intrigued by the specific ideas the applicants wish to pursue. In particular, much research into programming languages semantics has been dominated by those who work on model theoretic and denotational
semantics. This work has had great successes, but given its reliance on extensionality and on set-theoretic models and their associated, internal notions of infinity, this dominate approach has also a great number of difficulties. In contrast, proof theory is a center piece of this proposal and this seems to be an exciting and novel change in direction. The work on proofs, lite linear logic, controlled normalization, etc, seems a very interesting place to put emphasis. These methods are far more intensional and finite. Organizing this work around proof theory allows this material to have deep and important formal behaviors.
Of course, models are also important to these researcher and for that, they are proposing to develop the themes of interaction and game semantics. This seems just the right kind of models to be using in
their project.
As for application domains, they are proposing to develop applications in the areas of mobility, resource imited/conscious computing, and intensional aspects of algorithms. These are important and current topics. I find it very likely that they will be able to take the foundational work they are doing and turn them into new insights in
these application areas.
They are collectively not only active contributors to this literature but also astute students of it as well: I have been impressed to see how well aware they are of the recent work of a number of junior and promising researchers (Joly, Ruet, Saurin, ...). The applicants are clearly knowledgeable about all the relevant literature. 
2 Chiarezza e verificabilitā degli obiettivi  10 eccellente
The schedule, which divides the two year period into 15 months of investigations into foundational issues followed by 9 months of focus on
applications seems quite appropriate. The proposal makes very strong arguments for why the topics under consideration should be developed and
what aspects should be considered foundational and which others,
applicative. Their motivations are convincing and consistent with the general expectations in this field. Each unit did a good job in outlining their schedule and how they might interact with others. Their work appears to be the kind that can easily be monitored externally since it
will result in submissions to various journals, conferences, and workshops. Furthermore, these researchers are active organizers of more focused workshops and these will provide other means for their work to
be exposed and evaluated. 
3 Appropriatezza dei metodi e delle tecniche da utilizzare  9.75 molto buono
I judge the researchers in on this topic very strong. They are
working on important foundational and application areas, they are
aware of the modern approaches to this work (having contributed to it already in many ways), and they are skilled people in these
techniques. They certainly have the intellectual capital and
international connections that are important for the work they
4 Adeguatezza delle risorse umane e strumentali giā disponibili e/o richieste  9.75 molto buono
Being from outside Italy, it is hard to know fully what resources cost what (for example, support for PhD students) and who funds them. None-the-less, judging from the items requested, I believe that the applicants are making appropriate and necessary requests for funding.
They are focused on mobility (intra-project, visitors, attendance at conferences, and workshop organization) as well as for support for programmers and students. It is critical to keep such researchers well supported in equipment (such as workstations, software, and books) and fortunately, this is possible for much less money these days. I believe their requests locally and globally is appropriate for proposal. 

5 Competenza del coordinatore scientifico  10 eccellente
Prof Ronchi Della Rocca is an internationally known scientist who isactively working on many aspects of this proposal herself: she certainly has the scientific qualifications to coordinate this proposal. Given that she was also scientific coordinator of the previous proposal to CINECA, called ProToCoLLo, she has the experience to run this kind of
6 Competenza dei gruppi proponenti  10 eccellente
Of the other three units, Profs Abrusci, Martini, and Masini are all known to me. I know them to be highly qualified and competent faculty at each of these locations. They are strong scientists with a proved track record. They are also internationally recognized for the science that they do. All are also capable of managing their respective sites, given what I know about their experiences with various other
activities. I see no problems with the people or the resources to be found at Verona, Torino, Rome, and Bologna. 
7 Complementaritā dei gruppi proponenti  9.75 molto buono
Judging from the citations used to support their various proposals, the principle scientists planning to work on this proposal are no
stranger to working with others at their own site, with others at
other sites, and with others from various international locations. 

Commento generale

In summary, I find the applicants have a very strong knowledge of the
current state-of-the-art. I also believe that the results they expect
to find will be obtainable (following their schedule) and that this will
lead to significant advances in our current understanding of computation
and in the way we actually specify computations.

I think that the various teams are very well situated to do this kind of work and that you (CINECA) should be delighted that such a strong group of scientists from four excellent Departments have come together for this proposal.

Punteggio finale 69.25 / 70

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