Progetto FOLLIA

Progetto FOLLIA is funded by Progetti di Rilevanza Nazionale (PRIN) programme, by italian Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione, dell'Universitą e della Ricerca Scientifica (MURST). The duration is 24 months from 2004-01-01 through 2006-01-01, the funding being 136000 EUR (95.000 Euro from MURST and 41.300 Euro from Universitą di Torino).

"FOLLIA" is an achronim for "FOndazioni Logiche di LInguaggi Astratti di Programmazione" (Logical foundations of abstract programming languages)

Short abstract

Progetto FOLLIA is a continuation of MIUR-2002 PROTOCOLLOproject (from PROofs TO COmputation through Linear LOgic) with a twofold goal:

  • FOLLIA will continue the promising development of foundational and applicative research, within Theoretical Computer Science, that followed the introduction of Linear Logic.

  • starting from the theoretical results, FOLLIA will develop methodologies for the design, the analysis and the verification of paradigmatic programming languages oriented to applications in the context of mobile computations with resource guarantees.

Real issues will solicit ideas, and, will be verification tools, relatively to the obtained results, though mobile computations in presence of resource limitations will be our favorite context of reference